Kim, Sang Mun
Research Interest
Mathematical logic
Upon completion of a M.S. in Computer Science, Korea Advanced Institute of Science &

Technology (KAIST), S. Kim studied Logic and Cybernetics at the Federal Institute of

Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich), and based on doctoral thesis research as a Minna-

James-Heineman grantee  in the logic group at the Massachusetts Institute of

Technology completed Dr. Phil. at Univ. Berne. He has been affiliated with M.I.T. and

Stanford Univ as Visiting Professor, and is currently Professor at Yonsei Univ. He served

as Associate Editor, Modern Logic(International journal), U.S.A., Jan.1994-Dec.1996. He is

tenacious in the pursuit of his goals, yet he realizes that the logical postulate of non-cont

radiction gives rise to a merely apparent contradictoriness that obscures the actual contr

adictory nature of life.